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Editors are the real M.V.P's. We cannot do without them,  but they rarely get recognition or praise.

However, that's not why we do it.

We do it for the satisfaction of turning an 'okay' project to an 'exceptional' one. 

Indelible Writing Consultancy offers editing services for websites, books, and articles.


We turn your first draft into a masterpiece worth publishing. High attention to detail, grammar and syntax is integral to publishing excellent work. 

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Amber Pucci,

Author of Forgetful Parents

I hated writing, but Pearl brought the story right out of me. Before I knew it, we had a book. She taught me to fall in love with the story instead of feeling pressured by the task of writing a book.


Josephine Kakooza,
Author of These Small Moments

It's really incredible working with someone who is not only passionate about storytelling but is also focused on the tiny details.

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Karolina Luciani, 
Author of Secret Money

From choosing a title, to punctuation, my editor was attentive to every detail. I focused on the bigger picture, and she did the rest. It was an excellent partnership. 

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What the editors do:

- Correct punctuation, syntax, spelling and grammar errors.

- Adjust technical inconsistencies

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What the editors do:

- Analyze manuscript content

- Critique quality of information presented

- Fact-checking

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What the editors do:

- Develop the content of the project.

- Editor & author work closely together to develop content.

- Editor is involved from conception to completion.

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From Conception to Publication

We work with our clients every step of the way. Our aim is to get their books off their laptops and into the hands of people worldwide. We are currently specializing in digital publishing. 

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