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What is a Ghostwriter?

With carefully negotiated contracts and NDA agreements, ghostwriters work closely with their clients to publish books or smaller forms of content.


In these contracts, ghostwriters agree to give all the rights of their work to their clients and in exchange, clients pay their ghostwriters a pretty penny.


But don’t mistake this for blatant plagiarism. Ghostwriters work closely with clients to represent their ideas as best as possible.


They are masters at impersonation and incredibly skilled writers because they can switch their writing voice and style to fit their client’s needs.


Ghostwriters are the skilled hands behind some of the greatest memoirs, biographies and books written by public figures.

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How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Ghostwriting projects are divided into several steps and it’s important that you fully understand them before hiring a writer.

1. Preliminary Meeting

2. Project Proposal

3. Interviews

4. Client Revision

Each of these phases helps us understand our clients better, produce work that best represents them, and create the best results.

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Phase 1: Preliminary Meeting

This is where the client and the ghostwriter meet to get acquainted and discuss the project.

A preliminary meeting can be a phone call, a video conference, or even an in person meeting (if possible). The whole purpose of this is to get to know your ghostwriter and see if there’s a connection between the two of you.

It’s important for both parties to feel comfortable with each other because there needs to be an element of trust and mutual respect.


The ghostwriter will ask you many questions about your expectations, writing needs, and an overview of the project.

This is also the time that you'll discuss your expectations, goals, and make sure that the ghostwriter is in alignment with your vision. This is an important phase before we take on any new client or ghostwriting project. Projects that start with openness, clarity, and understanding are often the most productive ones!

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Phase 2: Project Proposal

After the preliminary meeting, your ghostwriter will detail a proposal and show it to you for approval.

After this insightful meeting, if you both feel comfortable with each other and choose to proceed, then the ghostwriter will present a project proposal to you.


This proposal will be customized for the specific article or book. This is also the stage where you both sign an agreement, or a contract (as you see fit).


This is an important part of the ghostwriting project because you both get a clear understanding of how the project will be managed.


Here is what you should finalize at this stage:

  1. Financial compensation: Will you be paying in instalments? If so, how much and how often?

  2. Author credit: Will the ghostwriter receive partial or no author credit? No matter what you decide, the ghostwriter must consent to this in writing.

  3. Timeline: How long will the project be? What is an acceptable time frame for both of you? Is this a recurring partnership?

Once these. details are sorted out, then the official ghostwriting can begin!

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Phase 3: Interviews

In these interviews, you'll share your story and all the information that will be used for the project.

This is an essential part of any ghostwriting project. The ghostwriter will interview the client either in person or on a video call and record the entire thing.


This is important because it helps the ghostwriter transcribe everything that the client wants to express in the writing project.


It also helps them write a preliminary outline or draft for the client’s approval.


The client will speak and the ghostwriter will record and return with a well-written book or article based on those interviews.


This means that the writing projects will be authentic to the client’s writing voice and mission.


Ghostwriters do not add their own ideas or misrepresentations in writing projects.

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We Ensure That We Bring Out Your Voice

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Phase 4: Client Revisions

You'll get written drafts for you to review before the ghostwriter completes the project.

Once the ghostwriter finishes writing the article or book, the client is then able to make an in-depth revision.


This is an important aspect because it enables the client to analyze whether the writing project truly represents them and their mission authentically.


If the client is dissatisfied with certain aspects of the draft, then the ghostwriter will rewrite until the client is satisfied with the final outcome.


The client can be as hands-on as they prefer because the writing project is technically theirs and their name will be on the final project.


It’s important to us that the outcome meets the your standards.

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