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From conception to completion, IWC works hand- in-hand with authors to publish indelible projects. 

Whether you need an editor, a content creator, fact checker or writer, you've come to the right place.

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This page showcases the books and authors that have gone through the hands of IWC. The books will be announced when they are available on online stores or local bookstores. A brief book review and description will be available here as well. Take a look at what our clients have achieved!

Author: Pearl Kasirye

Elusive Ethics

A deep-dive into the principles of business ethics to help us rethink the way we view profit.

secret money.jpg
Author: Karolina Luciani

Secret Money

A short story about the power of money, secrets and lies in families. Ages 5-12

these small moments.jpg
Author: Josephine Kakooza

These Small Moments

A young adult story of the one who got away. This is a collection of stories of a lost love that she'll never forget.

Literary Adaptation Book Cover.jpg
Author: Pearl Kasirye

The Stroke of a Pen

A literary adaptation of The Odyssey, a classic novel by Homer.

Author: Ari Dubois


A young adult short story that delves into mind of Nome who is the epitome of feminism and is determined not to fall in love. 

Author: Amber Pucci

Forgetful Parents

A short story about the loss of trust between children and their negligent parents. A great read for ages 10-14